There really is nothing more precious than your kids.  Riley loved eating lunch with me by herself today.  Julia was sleeping and Jeremy was picking up Madi from VBS.  So we had a truly exciting lunch - mac n cheese and hot dogs.  We haven't made hot dogs in forever.  Literally several years.  So I thought I'd buy them and see if she'd eat them now.  She took one bite and spit it out and says "Mom, these are horrible.  I will eat anything that does not have hot dogs in them."  Then she broke into song and sang "she wears short skirts, I wear tshirts...." (Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me).  So I asked if she would sing it for Grandma.  We called Grandma and she sang the entire bridge and chorus.  Super cute!  I sang along for part of it as it's just a cute song.

Julia spent her day running around the entire house as usual and eating loads of food. She's a busy, busy girl!!  She loves to hide behind the Rapunzel (Tangled) table in the front living room.  She hides behind it and peeks out to see if you can find her.  She makes no sound at all and just patiently waits for you to see her.  Once you find her, she giggles so hard.  She also loves to stand against the wall opposite of where you are standing.  Then she runs and screams loudly toward you.  If you pretend to come after her, she raises her hands up in the air and pivot turns until she is back to where she started.  So cute!!!

Madi had her first day of VBS and loved it!!  So glad she is having this experience.  She was gone most of the day today.

Jeremy and I went out for an amazing dinner at Abacus in Dallas.  We've had a gift card for over a year and finally had the opportunity to use it.  Was well worth it!!!  He had calamari, Hawaiian Walu and then a chocolate mousse cake with banana and caramel and a really cool sugar circle on the top.  I had romaine salad with a spiral crouton thing, pork tenderloin with potatoes and creme brulee.  I love creme brulee - so amazing!!  We shared the desserts and cleaned every plate.  Was hardly anything left!  So all in all, a fabulous day!


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