Girls, Girls, Girls

Three girls under the age of 10 in our home now.  Wild, fun trip.  There is now constant talking, noise, pretend play and laughter in our home.  

Riley has become fascinated with naming her animals and friends.  "Here is Saida.  Here is Baida.  Here is Naida.  Here is Saida.  It's ok.  Two of them are named Saida."

She's also loving asking tons of questions at bedtime.  Last night Jeremy and I went out to Maggiano's and my parents came over to watch the girls.  When my mom put Riley to bed, these were some of her questions: "My feet need some fresh air." "Gramma, does your hair always be like this?" "Did you know, der are nose boogers and eye boogers?" "Do you want to wipe my eyes?" "I think you should get a cat and keep it at your house and I could come see it every day."

Speaking of cats, she's dying to get one.  She asked us for a cat.  To which Jeremy told her I am allergic and that we might get a puppy.  She goes "How about a cat?"  Jeremy "No, just a puppy."  Riley then says "I'd really like a cat.  That would be better."  So now she is trying to convince Gma and Gpa to get one for their house.

Riley is also writing her name, can recognize pretty much every letter (gets her D's and O's confused), counts to 30 without any help and uses large words like "Help me!  I'm tethered to this box!"  when we are playing.

Jules just had her 15 month dr. appointment.  She is go-go-go!  Never stops.  The doc told us to limit her tv time during the day.  I wanted to say "If she would even sit down for 5 minutes of tv, I'd be able to sit down a little!  Let alone for a whole show!"  So Julia will not watch any tv and while she loves to sit everywhere - her favorite spots are the last two stairs on the stairway or in corners behind things - she will not sit anywhere long.

Julia is saying words like Bah-pah (Grandpa), Caah - Cuh (Cracker) and Uh Oh (uh oh).  She can also scream very loud and doesn't have much patience.  Gets very angry very fast.  Though 99% of the time, she is the happiest baby you have ever met.

Madison has been living with us for a little over two weeks now since her mom went back to the Philippines.  She loves reading.  She loves hanging out with friends and riding her bike.  She is very smart and very fun.  And loves swimming.  Has been awesome having her live with us.  We're so blessed.

So that is how the girls are doing.  Makes me sad to think how hard it is to capture these little girls as they are before they get bigger.  Wish I could freeze time and speed it up at the same time.


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