Riley's room has an amazing amount of light that pours in as the sun sets.  We have thick curtains in her room, but there haven't been any blinds since we moved in.  So we recently purchased some (last week) and Jeremy installed them today.  Two inch, fake wood, white blinds.  Jeremy finished and called the girls in to see the difference in the light in the room.

Riley: Great job Dad!
Julia:  (begins clapping) Yea!!!!!

Was so cute.  Even Julia knew how wonderful it was!

Riley told me later to come with her right away!  So I followed her into the kitchen area where we eat and she goes "Look Mom!  I have blinds in my room just like these!"  Guess blinds are the best thing these days.  She was super excited!

Jeremy and I spent about an hour today swimming with just Riley.  She had a complete blast and so did we.  Madi was at VBS and Julia was taking a nap.  It was great to give Riley some good time just for her.  She has definitely needed it.


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