Riley loves to drink water, juice, and practically anything she can drink instead of eating.  If she could still drink all of her meals, I'm sure she would.  Tonight we had teriyaki chicken and rice with pineapple.  She loves the rice in particular, but really wanted to get down from eating.  So Jeremy decided to ask her a question.

Jeremy:  Hey Riley you need to eat all your food.  I didn't give you too much tonight so let's try to eat it all.

Riley:  Ok.  May I be excused now?

Jeremy:  Well let me ask you a question.  Do you want a donut?

Riley replied "Yes!!"  and leaped off her chair.

Jeremy:  Well, you are still hungry.  If you're hungry for a donut, then you're hungry enough to finish your food.  I don't have any donuts.

Poor girl didn't get a donut tonight.  But she did finish her dinner without any complaining.


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