Giant hives was scary.
Croup sounded like a monster was calling out of my child.
Hand-Foot-Mouth just plain hurts.

Feeling slightly like Job.
And praying this ends soon.

Julia is sick again with hand-foot-mouth.  She's been crying a lot.  And sleeping fitfully.  Poor thing just can not seem to get well.

Tonight Riley and I read the story of how the disciples were in the boat on the sea of Galilee and they were scared.  There was so much going on around them and they just couldn't deal with it.  Then God simply said "Hush" and all was calm.  Riley's Bible for Kids said "They had forgotten who was in control.  They had not remembered who God was."  I got very teary as I read the story to Riley.  When there's so much going on around us, it's easy to look at the difficult things and not at our God.  Praying for the strength to make it through yet another round of sickness.  Our God is stronger.  Our God is greater.  I'm ready to hear "Hush" whenever He says it!


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