The Unicorn Bible

Apparently (Riley's new favorite word - as is Camouflage) there are unicorns in the Bible.  I had no idea until tonight that they were even mentioned.  We always do a devotional with Riley and she gets to pick which story from the Bible we read together.  Tonight I asked if she wanted to read one and then I would read one.

So she pointed to the cover of the Bible and said "The Unicorn Bible!"  She is on a unicorn kick at the moment.  She sleeps with a unicorn pillow pet some nights.  Other nights she holds her stuffed unicorn that Gpa and Gma bought.  She has a unicorn jewelry box.  And loves Barbie movies that feature unicorns.  Guess it's just a phase...

Tonight she read us two stories:  The sneaky unicorn (aka snake in the garden of Eden) and David and Unicorn Goliath.  Here are her versions:

The Sneaky Unicorn

In the garden of Even there was a sneaky unicorn.  He asked Eve if she did not want to be like God.  Eve ate the fruit of the tree.  They heard God walking through the Garden of Even.  They stood by the trees.  He said "Did you eat the fruit?"  Adam said "Yes, but Eve gave it to me."  Eve said "Yes, but the unicorn gave it to me."  So they left the garden.  And God put a flame and a snake on the barbie."

David and Unicorn Goliath

Unicorn Goliath was big and mean.  He said (and she lowers her voice as much as she can for dramatic effect):  "If we win, we will be your slaves.  If you win, you will be our slaves."  Then David came and he was not scared.  He picked up stones and held them.  He wooked at Unicorn Goliath and said "I come to you in the name of the Ward (Lord)."  The stone hit Unicorn Goliath in the forehead.  He fell to the ground.  The End!

A few things I noticed:
1 - She's retaining the basics of the Bible stories we read her.
2 - She can tell a story that has a plot and a storyline and get most of the facts right.
3 - Unicorns actually appear in the Bible if you are a three year old with a great imagination.


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