Best Dream Ever

Riley loves to sleep.  Actually, we love it when Riley sleeps because ever since she was two years old, she decided she really didn't like sleeping.  Until then, she was a great napper and a great sleeper.  Two years old hit and gone were the naps.  In fact she once announced to Grandma that she "made it a short one today"  (referring to her nap - which was about five seconds long).

So tonight Riley is having much difficulty going to sleep.  It is 9:20pm and she is still up.  Her normal routine is to be in bed at 7:00pm or there about.  She has become good at stalling.  Her sweet lines tonight were "Can you stay with me and listen to one more song?" and "I love you Mom.  I love you Dad.  Dad!  Dad!  I love you!  Mom!  Mom!  I love you!"  and "I need to tell you something."  A few minutes ago she came to the top of the stairs and said:

"I just had the most beautiful dream!"

Which amazes me because it was less than a minute ago that she came to the stairs to tell us she loved us.  What a beautiful, short dream that must have been!  Sure do love her...


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