A Compelling Story

Several months ago my sister-in-law Kathryn was over.  She mentioned that our niece, Madison, was missing the U.S.A.  (she's been in The Philippines with her family for the past 2 years or so).  After Kathryn left, I told Jeremy - hey!  What if she lived with us?  She could go to school with me.  She could come to church with us.  I called Jeremy's Dad not a few minutes later and we prayed together.  And we've been praying every since.

And God has continued to tug at my heart for this girl.  I love Madison.  Always have and always will.  But there's always the thoughts of:  how much will this cost?  can we do this?  how will Riley and Julia be affected?  will Madison like staying with us?  will it be stressful?  But through all of the questions, one thing remains:  the peace that God gives me every time I think of her living with us and how I just sense that this is what He wants us to do.  Not just for us - but for her.

Probably sounds crazy.  After all, my plate is full at the moment.  I have a 9 month old, a 3 1/2 year old, teach full time, teach piano lessons at my home after work, sell crocheted items at vendor fairs, and still take care of the house (minus taking out the trash and cooking the meals and other things I'm sure I'm forgetting - thanks hun!).  I've asked God "Why us?  How and why would you choose us to do this?"  Because she is worth it.  Because she would be changed.  Because God loves her and so do we.  Because God has a plan.

In December, our Pastor spoke on living a "compelling story" - one that would offer someone something amazing and would draw them into a deeper relationship with God.  I immediately thought of Madison and couldn't stop crying the entire service.  The following week he again talked about doing things for others - not just living to pay bills or make sure your children are taken care of - but looking out for others.  Again, thought of Madison.

So it seems God is lining everything up for her to come live with us.  Now we go forward in getting guardianship and making it possible for her to be at the school where I teach and live with us.  I truly can't wait to see what God does this coming year and how He orchestrates all of this.  Not pushing it or trying to make it work.  Doing what needs to be done, but mostly, just watching as He is putting all the pieces together.


  1. Isn't it amazing how God always speaks just what we need to hear? I love reading stories of people trying to live in His will.

    I know Riley quite well, through your mother. I will enjoy getting to know the rest of your lovely family by following this blog. I'm so glad she told us about your blog!


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