Papyrus and Polka Dot

Jeremy and I were getting Riley ready for bed.  Just the usual routine of picking which book she wanted to read.  She started to cry (for whatever reason, I don't remember) and so I decided to make a joke about trying to figure out which story in the Bible we should read.  So I made up names of stories.  "How about Papyrus?  Where is he in here?  How about Polka Dot? (she was wearing polka dot pants)  I know I saw her somewhere!"

So Riley started giggling and laughing.  Then Jeremy opened the Bible and actually found the story of "Papyrus and Polka and Dot."  You may be familiar with it.  It goes like this:

Jesus (pronounce the Spanish way, Hey-sous) was friends with Papyrus (Lazarus), Polka (Mary) and Dot (Martha).  Polka was listening to Jesus, but Dot was busy in the kitchen working hard and getting very frustrated.  Dot wanted Polka to come help her.  Finally Jesus said "Dot, Dot - Polka has chosen what is best."

Riley couldn't stop giggling.  Best line was the "Dot, Dot" and all of us were laughing.  So for the rest of the night while we lay in her bed praying, we had to refer to her as either "Polka" or "Dot."  Then she would say "Polka - me!"  and giggle over and over.

And that is the story of Papyrus, Polka and Dot.


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