Our big blue-eyed girl is ten months this week.  Sure has been a fast year.  Speaking of fast, Julia has become a very fast crawler.  She manages to hold a toy or object in one hand, put her head down and just fly across the room (figuratively, not literally).  She has discovered many things:  food she can eat herself, the oven handle, cabinet doors, the bathroom and curtains.   And here's what she does with them:

Foods:  LOVES Ritz crackers, Turkey/rice, Chicken/rice, Baby Yum Yums (wafers) and wheat bread that is in small pieces.  She cries if she sees a cracker and you take it away.  She cries if she sees you holding the box to put it into the pantry.  She smiles huge if you give her any of the above items.  Then she screams as loud as humanly possible.  This is the same way we are woken up each morning at 6:30am on the weekends.  With high pitched, ear piercing screaming.

Oven Handle:  She loves to dart into the kitchen, climb the cabinet and reach for the oven handle.  Scares me to death!  Thankfully the controls lock, but not the door.  Who thought of that?!  As for the cabinet doors, she knows how to open them.  Let's just say she's nowhere near the kitchen if we can help it. Unless she's in the high chair if we can help it!  (and yes, we have kitchen cabinet locks.... in our drawer.  Planning to put them on this weekend.)

Bathroom:  She finds herself very funny when she gets to the hallway only to find I have forgotten to shut the bathroom door.  Julia squeals in delight and books it into the room.  She loves to climb onto Riley's step stool.  Thankfully, that's as far as she's gotten!

Curtains:  Julia loves that curtains move and that they are soft.  This evening I went to throw something away while she was in the living room.  As I'm walking back into the room, I notice the curtain swaying and moving back and forth.  Julia is crawling away from them.  She sees me and laughs hysterically at herself.  Then stops to clap and open her mouth with a very sly "ha!  ha ha!"  coming out.  She continues to do this for several minutes, obviously amused by herself.


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