Ma Spa

To celebrate Mother's Day, all of the first grade classes prepared a Ma Spa.  Julia has been talking about it for at least a week and said that she wasn't allowed to share any information as it was to be a secret.

We were asked to bring a yoga mat and wear workout clothes.  The classes were seated in the gym when I arrived and as I walked in, Julia ran up to me and gave me a hug.  Then we chose where to sit and laid our yoga mat out.  There was music playing and a screen that asked us to stretch.

Julia would create poses to copy and a few times I laid down on my back while my feet were in the air and she put her chest on my feet, making her fly in the air like superman.  We were close to her friend Yvie and her mom.  The teachers thanked us for coming and then shared that the students had created a yoga video of moves for us to do.  It was the cutest video!!

Julia's group created the cupcake unicorn pose.  It starts to rain (imaginary) and so you curl up on the ground into a shelter.  Then you stick your head up with one finger for a horn.  You look up and see it's "raining" so you eat them!  You can't eat them all so you swing your arms up and put them around and set them all into your mouth.

The yoga video was quite exhausting - lots of up and down - and some poses that were quiet challenging.  It was one of my favorite events of the year!

After our yoga time, we all headed to the classrooms.  There were long tables set up with a card that had a menu of services.  It said "Please let your beautician know what services you would like."  Julia offered to do a hand scrub followed by doing my nails and then completing the look with a hair style.  There was lemon cucumber water offered to each mom.

The hand scrub was a brown sugar scrub - followed by a warm hand towel.  Julia then added lotion.  Felt great!

For nail polish, she started with a clear glitter polish, but since you couldn't see it, she went back to get a red.  She added a pink dot in the center of each nail.  Then she added black around the edges to create a flower.  Since you couldn't see the pink anymore, she got a red polish and put a red dot over where they pink had been.  Turned out lovely!

Then Julia got to work on my hair.  She tried to put on a round stretchy handband, but it wouldn't work well and kept snapping and so she decided not to use it.  She chose some colored hair clip-on extensions and a pink bow. 

We walked out to the hallway to have our picture taken by the technologists with a beautiful background.

In class, Julia had written my name (Mommy) and Ms. Holzrichter had her handwriting turned into a piece of vinyl that she attached to a clear cup... and did this for every mom!  Amazing.

Julia filled out some fill-in-the-blanks about me.    She said I'm as beautiful as a blossome, as nice as a rose pettel, as smart as a teacher, but most of all I'm as special as a haert.

For the All About Mom page,  she shared the following:

My mom is really good at drawing.
She likes to watch tv.
The best thing she cooks cupcakes.
Her favorite food is leftovers.
Her favorite thing to do to relax is yoga.
I like to play soccer with my mom.
If I could buy her anything, I would buy a bike.
I love my mom because she snugls with me.

(ahhh....I'm not crying - you're crying)

It was so special to spend time with Julia!  Best Mother's Day gift - I loved it!


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