Let Summer Begin!

The girls have been in Rhode Island for two days and throughly enjoyed their time there.  Matthew is 4 and Abby is 9 months.  Julia loves playing with them and my parents said Matthew wants to play with the girls all the time.  Being that Riley is used to having her own time and space, she hasn't wanted to play non-stop and Matthew has been continuing to try.  (I'm hoping Riley is being sweet about it!)  Likely that she just wants to do what she does at home - be alone playing games on her iPad.  She told Jon that she's not good with little kids. Ha!

This morning my mom sent me a few pictures of the girls.  They are on the cruise ship and in their room already.  The girls look thrilled!!  My parents upgraded their room, but didn't tell the girls.  It'll give them more space to eat and sleep along with a bigger balcony and... a butler.  They were already looking forward to ordering breakfast and will be really excited now.

I'm hoping to chat with them one more time before they embark because I know it'll be a whole week before I can talk to them again.  So excited for them to have this time with Grandma and Grandpa, cousins and aunt/uncle.  Hoping to be a part of it the next time an adventure comes!


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