Last day of School

While it isn't the official last day of school yet, the girls had their last day yesterday.  Everyone was so thoughtful.  Ms. H let Julia be line leader on Monday since it was her last full day.  She also took the class picture so that Julia would be in it and since all of the students were there that day.  Senora Sparks allowed Riley to take her final exam on Tuesday morning and do her Asiento Caliente (hot seat - where they go to the front of the room and answer questions in Spanish) early as well.  Riley was excited to earn a 95% on her written portion.  She's done SO well! 

The girls left school around 1pm to head to the airport with me for their flight to Nashville, TN.  They were a little nervous about flying alone - together, but without adults - but thankfully Riley has done it several times so she was able to help Jules with it.  We bought some yogurt parfaits, waters, and snacks before they left so that they had something before they landed around dinner time.  My parents met them at the airport and took them to a hotel for the night as they had early morning flights this morning to Providence, RI where they'll stay with my brother and his family for a few days.  Then the real adventure begins:  a week-long cruise to Bermuda!

Packing started a bit on Saturday and finished on Sunday night.  Julia packed quite a bit of clothing, a sleeping bag, shoes, and accessories for her AG Doll.  I forget which one she took, but she said she didn't choose her doll Julie because her hair was so messed up.  While she packed her doll's items, she asked if she could borrow my iPad because she wanted to watch a video about how to pack light for your doll.  She said she'd seen it before and thought it'd be helpful to watch again.  She sorted through the bins and chose a pile of items before putting them in her backpack.

She then sorted her clothing into piles by items - shorts, dresses, shirts, tanktops, etc... 

Riley didn't want any help at all with her packing.  Please time - stop going so fast!!  She's growing up so much and it's hard for me to step back sometimes.  She said she wanted to do it her way and so she did - complete with making a list of items she needed to pack.


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