Les Miserables

My parents came to Dallas to celebrate Grandparents' Day at GSES with the girls.  They were able to spend time in their classrooms and have special time with the girls, which we all loved.  The Dallas Summer Musicals was hosting Les Miserables and they have a special deal for teachers.  You show up roughly an hour before the show and any seats that are available can be purchased at a discounted teacher price.  Each teacher is allowed two tickets - one for them and one for a guest.

Since it is my Dad's favorite musical, we really wanted to make it work.  So we went on Wednesday, April 18 and took Riley as well.  We met up with two of my friends (and coworkers - Marcela and Julieta).  It was wonderful!!  Riley was a bit tired as it was a school night and the mood is often dark, as is the lighting.

She's been listening to music from the soundtrack ever since and has begun listening to some music from Hamilton as well.  Her favorite song from Les Mis is "Castle on a Cloud."  In fact, she played it every morning on the way to school and every day on the way home from school.  I love that we got to share the experience together!


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