TMEA 2016

The trip to San Antonio this past week was great.  Jennifer Ross and I drove down on Tuesday night and came home Saturday night.  There were several great sessions, awesome dinners and time with friends and wonderful concerts.  Some of my favorite moments are walking the riverwalk in the mornings on the way to our first session.  The weather was gorgeous - mostly high 70s and low 80s!

Several friends had their groups performing at the conference or were clinicians.  I'm hoping to do that one day soon.  Working towards being a presenter and learning how to teach other teachers.  It's inspiring to watch friends do this and cheer them on.

While I was at TMEA, my parents took Riley on a trip to TN.  They drove 12 hours there and back between Thursday and Sunday.  Riley told me that she was able to see deer, made two great friends (turns out they were cats) and had so much fun.  We gave her the choice between being at school for her Valentine's party and going on an adventure.  She chose the adventure!  No surprise there - takes after her Mommy in her desire to travel non-stop if possible.

Julia had time with Jeremy at home and went to school.  He took her to I Heart Yogurt and they got donuts in the morning.  She was thrilled and had so much fun!!


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