No More Math

Riley does not enjoy doing the math games and studying them on the iPad using the program that our school uses.  We make her do it anyway.  Last night she was about in tears talking about how the school only has a short time to use the program and that it will be really bad for the school if she keeps using the app when they haven't paid for it and how it will charge them if she uses it and how she doesn't want to do it because it gives her multiplication and division when she is only supposed to be studying multiplication.

After hearing and watching her, I told her that she could choose to either do her math or email her teacher as to why she didn't want to do it.  She chose to email her teacher.  She spent roughly 30 minutes writing an email (doing the math would have taken half the amount of time... but I was curious as to what she'd write) and this is what she sent:

Dear Mrs. Neuschafer,
I am wondering when we are going to be done With reflex. Because when I am doing reflex itIs all mixed up now if you compare it to say..... IXL it is more focused on like certain Things  like say I only wanted to practice 5s in multiplication I could just go into the multiplication bar and choose 5s but with reflex it does not stay on like the same fact all the time. And yes I'm kinda persuading you to go more towards IXL but... I am also trying to see if you have looked and seen something better Than reflex. By the way there is also an app for IXL and I practically use it every day And it is a great app.
Your student,
               Riley Nichole Grant

Sent from my iPad


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