Yesterday Julia woke up early and rather than waking me up, she took it upon herself to wake up Riley.  Not a good idea.  Julia came out crying because Riley had bitten Julia on the finger to get her off.  I asked why and Riley said Julia was laying on top of her and wouldn't get off.  Julia was crying and said that she just wanted to snuggle with her.

We talked about how she should never go in and wake Riley up in the morning.  Julia said she didn't know she was sleeping.  After hearing several excuses about how Julia didn't know she was sleeping/she just wanted to snuggle with Riley/she didn't see her sleeping, Riley came out and asked when we were getting donuts.  I told her that we weren't getting donuts for breakfast.  Riley began to cry.  Then the truth came out.

Riley shared that Julia came into her room and said that I had told her that if Riley would get dressed, we might go to the donut shop and get donuts for breakfast.  Julia emphasized that she said the word "might" and didn't promise Riley that we were getting them.  I asked her if I had said anything about getting donuts and she said "no... but I want them."  Riley was then crying because she wanted to stay asleep and she was hungry and donuts were all she wanted.  Julia was crying because she really, really wanted to eat donuts... or I Heart Yogurt... or candy.

I refused to get them donuts and made them eat regular breakfasts from home.  It took some time for them (particularly Julia) to understand that just because they wanted donuts, didn't mean that we were going to get them.


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