Riley's Trip to Tennessee

My mom sent me the information below in an email... 

I thought you could blog these. She is so funny!

About 6 hours into the trip:
It feels like we’ve practically lived our whole lives in this car.

A while later:
Feels like I’ve grown two inches.

At the hotel breakfast bar:
R: I’m going to make waffles.
Me: Do you know how?
R: Yes, my dad showed me.
… after she made one perfectly she whispered to me:
My dad didn’t really show me. I just said that so you’d let me make them.

At Cracker Barrel, where she found Peppa Pig for Jules:
R: I bought a present for Jules before buying anything for myself. 
Grampa: But that’s just because you couldn’t find anything you wanted.
R: True. 

On the way home, after 10 hours of driving:
Riley (stretching her legs to the ceiling): I’m so tired of driving.
Grampa: I’m the one driving. Imagine how I feel.
Riley: Well at least you get to move your arms and legs.

At Burger King she ordered a kids meal and they forgot to include her apple juice. I went up to the counter to ask for it.
R: If you want something, you have to do it yourself.
Grampa: So why did you make Grandma go get your apple juice? Why didn’t you do it yourself?
R: Hey, I’m a kid. I’m supposed to be enjoying my life.


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