Taking a Bite out of Crime

The Crime:  Stealing Toys repeatedly and getting a nasty bite on the arm
The Scene:  18-24 month old toddler room at Lakeside Montessori
The Victim:  Depends on how you see it - would it be the one who is getting the toy stolen or the one getting bitten?
Time:  10:40am

So here's how it all happened.  I dropped off the girls at school this morning.  Julia gave me her usual kiss and blew on her hand and said "bye bye!"  Riley and I chatted and walked to the cafeteria where she meets with her friends and teacher.  I kiss her on the cheek and say goodbye as she finishes her Eggo.  Then go off to work with Madi.

I return around 4:30pm today to pick up the girls and am told by Julia's teacher, Nicole, that I'll need to sign an accident form at the office.  I asked if she bumped her head again and she said "No.  Julia kept taking a toy from one of her friends.  She sat out in thinking time and just kept going back to steal the toy.  Her friend got very angry at her and bit her on the right arm - between her wrist and elbow.  It was very badly bruised and swollen.  Looked as though it may have broken through the skin."

She continued to tell me that she put a hot compress on it, neosporin and watched it for a long time.  She thought she might have to call me at work to have me take her to the doctor, but the swelling and bruising went down and Julia handled it all fine.

The rest of the day whenever Julia would go to take another toy, Nicole would simply remind her of the bite on her arm and ask if she would want to have that happen again.  Julia would tell her "no" and say "nah nice" (not nice) and would then leave the other kids and their toys alone.  So possibly, maybe, potentially likely that this may be the start of her ending her stealing streak.  After all, she stole Riley's bowl of food yesterday when they were eating snacks at home.  She hid by the table eating them.  And she stole toys and tried to grab things.  She doesn't seem too phased by time outs and will even put herself in time out and say "ahm in tahm owwwt." (I'm in time out)  She does this when she knows that she has done something she shouldn't have.


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