Sickness Sucks

So we are on Round #2 of a 24 hour bug.  Riley was sick two weeks ago.  And by sick, I mean throwing up all over our couch.  The couch that we purchased pre-kids and didn't really think through fabric choices.  So while we cleaned it the best we could - along with the carpet that we just had cleaned a few months ago - we will be making better fabric choices once it makes sense to do so.

Riley passed the 24 hour bug along to Julia who threw up at daycare.  I got the call after my first class at work and had to leave immediately.  Well, as soon as I finished writing lesson plans for the day, making arrangements for Madison to get home and checking in with the daycare.  As well as cancelling District Honor Choir rehearsal and all five of my piano students. Not as though it was a busy day or anything.

So now we are at Round #2.  This time Riley had eaten pizza.  Nothing like nasty cheese smell.  Don't think I'll forget it.  She complained of a tummy ache and we put a towel and bowl next to her bed.  She lay down and fell asleep.  Jer and I went downstairs to chat for a little while.  While talking, we heard her cough.  Didn't think anything of it.  Until a few minutes later, she is standing at the top of the stairs and looks covered in something.  All it took was a glance at her hair and her bed to know that we were in for several more loads of laundry.

Got her in the bath, put her on the couch (covered with towels) and set to getting everything cleaned up.  Thank God for the most amazing mattress cover in the world!!  Martha Stewart - you truly make the best one EVER.  Now the pillows are a different story.  Can't be salvaged. But the mattress - still fresh and clean.

So here we are at 10pm.  And just starting our night.  Will be interesting to see how my medicine interacts with little sleep.  Not a test I'm really wanting to try, but definitely need to make sure I take them.

God gives new mercies every morning, right!


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