Julia and Her Friends

Julia can definitely defend herself.  We've learned from her teacher at school that she is pushing the boys and then stealing their toys and running away from them as fast as she can.  She especially loves to pull the curls on one of the little boy's heads.  She also likes to hit.  Wow - we've got our work cut out for us!

Not that we didn't know this.  After all, she's always loved to pretend to hug Madi, only to reach and pull her hair as much as she can.  And she's pulled Riley's hair several times - even pulling chunks of it out.  So she's had time outs and talking to.  She does not like the word "Sorry."  And even shrugs her shoulders when asked to say it.  As if to say "why? who me?  i don't care."

Her teacher at school, Nicole, says that if Julia is pulling a toy from a kid and the kid won't give it to her, she'll go up to her and tug her pants.  Nicole will ask "Is it your toy?"  Julia will tell her "no."  So Nicole will tell her to leave it alone and she does.

She is also very protective of her toys and she said that none of the other kids can ever get them away from her because she yells "NOOOO" and pulls so hard that they have no chance at getting them.  Don't have to worry about her standing up for herself.  Just praying that she learns the right way to use this!

She is super super sweet.  Loves to cuddle.  And loves to blow kisses.  But doesn't mind letting you know who's boss.  Yes, we definitely have our hands full!


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