Yesterday was another long day.  Work.  Work.  Pick girls up.  Make dinner.  Clean up dishes, wash dishes, make lunch, get girls ready for bath, give them bath #1, bath #2 and put them to bed.

Why two baths?  Well apparently the first bath wasn't enough.  Julia had taken her ravioli with sauce dinner and literally put her hand in the sauce and wiped it all over her face.  We always say she looks like an Oompa Loompa when she does it because she turns completely orange.  I clean her up the best I can so we don't end up with an orange ring around the tub.  Then upstairs we go.

Start Bath #1:  I fill the tub.  Only to have Julia pulling on the handle to make herself look like Superman on the side of the tub.  Thank God I was right near her.  Get Jules in the bath first and then Riley gets in too.  Two for one.  Saves time and cleans well.

Until I turn to get a washcloth and look back in the tub.  Took just a second to say "What is that?" and then "Riley, did you do that?"  Not sure why I would think it was her.  Guess because she could at least give me an answer.  Julia just looked totally content.

Riley looks in the tub and yells "POOP!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhh!! Get me out!  Get me out of here!"  I pick her up as fast I can and give her the towel.  She and I are yelling and laughing at the same time.  Riley is yelling because she is scared.  I'm yelling because Julia is picking up the poop and putting it to her mouth.  Yes, totally disgusting.  Though she looks quite happy with herself.  She is a big helper and puts it in a bowl with my help.  I dump it in the toilet and finish washing her hair, as it's already half way done and still has shampoo in it.  Riley is standing next to the tub watching and is giggling like crazy at this point.  She keeps telling me "Mom I'm going to pee on the floor!" to which I'm saying "No you are not.  Get to the potty!!!"  Thank God she makes it there.  Already had to clean that mess up a few days ago when Julia peed all over Jeremy's mat.  Again, totally content while doing it (Julia that is).

So I get Jules out of the tub.  She's crying.  I guess it's because she was so loving her bath.  I get the toys out and into a bucket to clean later.  I spray Clorox bleach cleaning stuff on the bath and let it sit while I get Julia dressed and brush her hair and then put her in her bed.  I start Riley a new bath in the other bathroom while Julia is screaming like crazy.  She wasn't happy to be in her crib even with all the toys and the lights on.  Riley is wrapped in a towel and we get her all bathed and cleaned up.  I finish cleaning the dirty tub and then grab Julia who has tears dripping down her cheeks.

Jeremy gets home, I take Julia to put her down, he helps with Riley and all we can do is laugh about it.  Totally worn out, but with yet another "how crazy can these girls get?" story.


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