I am thankful for toilets.  Though I don't really give them much thought unless I have to go in an outhouse and then I miss the real thing.  Julia, on the other hand, loves toilets.  She enjoys swirling her hands in them (clean toilets, that is) and putting things in them.

This morning I shut the door to our bathroom and in that five seconds, she had already run to the toilet and was about to put her hand in when I yelled "Jules!" and scared enough that she took her hand out.

Today at Kami's house, Julia had the remote that controls her ceiling fan, A/C and something else.  She went into the bathroom, put the lid up and threw the remote into the toilet.  Landon asked Kami why she wasn't using the remote.  She said "Well, somebody (pointing at Jules) threw it in the toilet and it doesn't work anymore."  Ahhh... the joys.

So sorry Kami!!!  My girls sure kept you busy today between the toilet and the hair episode!


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