First Week of Montessori School!

We did it!  Finished our first week at pre-school/daycare at Lakeside.  Was a very tough week at work for me, but the girls had a fantastic time.  Riley was really excited about her "days of the week" song and told me several times today "Did you know that today is Friday?  And that tomorrow will be Saturday!  We had to say that many times today at school."  I asked her how the rest of her day was and if she played with anyone.

Her favorite friend at school is a little girl named Bonnie.  She is always picked up before I get there so I haven't met her yet.  Today Riley told me "Bonnie told me that I'm a little funny looking."  Totally broke my heart to think of someone saying that to her :(

So I asked her if she said anything to her.  Riley said "I told her I liked her and that she was beautiful."  Just about made my heart burst.  Sad to think of someone saying mean things, but joyful that she responded in such an amazing way.  I asked her how she felt when Bonnie said it.  She said "I was kind of happy and kind of sad.  But I'm fine with it."

Such an amazing girl.


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