Big Girl

Riley is growing up so fast.  She still has her moments of frustration and crying, but I just can't get over how big she is getting.  And seemingly overnight.

She's been doing math activities on a website called IXL.  Loves it.  Spent almost an hour yesterday doing games.  Some with me, some on her own.  Was impressed that she could find the missing number on a number line.  Was able to do simple addition and subtraction using pictures and numbers.  And get them all correct.

We went to school yesterday and she helped me set out the chairs.  When we were done, she counted each one - up to 25.  Incredible one-to-one correspondence.  She's very excited about starting preschool at Lakeside Montessori in two weeks.  Asks me every morning if today is "the" day.

Today I dropped her off at Kami's house.  Kami had six kids over (including two of her own, three of ours and a little boy named Luke).  Luke is 2 yrs. old.  He's a cute and sweet kid - but doesn't often like to share.  Go figure.  Totally normal for a 2 yr. old.

Riley heard Kami asking him to share with Julia so she came rushing down the stairs to check on them.  Luke held up a train track and showed it to Riley.  Riley said "Ooohhhh Luke."  And giggled.  Then said "You are my buddy.  He's sharing with Jules!  So sweet."  And then she gave him a big hug.  And told him "Thank you for sharing with Jules."  As she hugged him, Julia leaned in to hug too.  I got teary watching her.  Proud Mommy moment.

Julia is also growing quite big.  She's trying to talk more.  Though she often just says "Neh!!  Neh!!"  because she has heard Riley pretend to be a horse so much.  I think she believes she is actually communicating in that way.  She's working on her pouty face.  Seriously trying to figure out how to stick her lower lip out and make sad eyes.  She's also working on her mad face.  Got a chance to see her really thinking about how to look mad the other day.  Was all I could do NOT to laugh incredibly hard!


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