New Haircut

To date, Riley has had only one haircut when she was 3 1/2 years old.  She was bald the first two years - if not longer.  She had just a simple trim and that's all she's needed.  I had been planning to get her hair cut next week, but events today changed that plan.

The girls went to Kami's house all day while I taught piano and crochet lessons.  I was going to pick them up after 5pm when my last lesson finished.  Around 4pm, Kami called me to tell me that there was an incident that had occurred.  I asked if the girls were hurt or bleeding.  She said "No."  So I told her that anything else that happened, I could deal with.

Kami said that Kenzie (her 10 year old daughter) was doing Riley's hair, but Riley didn't like the way it was being done and wanted to do it herself.  So Kenzie left the room and Riley was left alone to do it.  When Kenzie returned, she screamed out for Kami to come.  Riley started crying and hid under Kami's bed and wouldn't come out.  Kami noticed some hair in the bathroom.  She said it didn't look like too much was there.  But then she found a bunch of it in the kitty litter box.  And another place.  She said it was quite a bit of hair and that Riley had cut her own hair.

Riley finally came out from under the bed while we were talking.  I asked Kami how her hair looked.  Kami simply said "Oh.... I'm sorry."  hahaha   All I could do was laugh.  She told me that Riley must have gone through Kami's drawers and cut her hair.  At first she said it wasn't too much, but as she looked Riley over, she got quiet and just kept saying how sorry she was.  And that it kind of looked like a mullet.  I couldn't stop laughing and reassured her that I wasn't mad at all and that we'd figure it out.  No big deal.

A little off the right

Front view

Side view

Mullet side

Chunks of hair off the back

I decided to call Tony's Hair Salon to schedule an appointment to get Riley's hair cut tonight so that she wouldn't be walking around looking goofy or so no one at home would say anything about it.  When I picked her up, I tried to just smile and didn't say much except "Wow Riley.  I see you cut your hair.  We're going to go for a special haircut at Tony's to let them cut the other side too."  Riley was very proud of cutting her hair and very excited to go get it cut again.

So off the four of us girls went.  When Kathy, the owner, saw Riley, she couldn't stop laughing.  She just kept saying "oh my goodness."  Then Lindsay, the stylist, pointed to Riley and said "Oh my word.  That must be her!  Oh wow."  She repeated the line "Oh wow" several times.  Then said "When you called, I thought "oh no big deal.  probably a small section" because most kids just cut a small amount, but she really cut a ton of it.  Let me go sweep and think."  So she went off to get her chair area ready.  She had Riley sit in the booster chair and picked up her hair to see how short she'd cut it underneath.  Super short was the answer.  So Lindsay asked if I was ok with going short.  I replied that I didn't see any other way to do it.  She held her hair in a ponytail and motioned that it would be right below the ear.

Riley was such a trooper.  It took 40 minutes for Lindsay to do her hair.  Riley sat totally still and tilted and looked down and listened to everything that Lindsay asked her to do.  There were only two things she said:
1 - Please don't cut my skin.  I don't want you to cut my skin.
2 - (when the hair had been all cut and was still wet)  Will it look beautiful when it is dry?

We reassured her that yes, she is always beautiful and that her hair would definitely look beautiful when it was dry.  And no, her skin wouldn't get cut

In the meantime, Julia ate a load of Cheerios while we were there and then dumped the remains all over her hair and the floor.  They were everywhere.  Madi was sitting in chairs where other stylists needed to cut hair and was standing on chairs in the waiting area so I had to ask her to just stand and wait patiently  or to sit in a waiting area chair.  Riley was super excited about her new haircut and looks cute as a button!

There are several parts on the left side that will stick up no matter what we do, but I plan to take her out to buy new clips and headbands to accessorize her new hairdo in hopes we can make it special now that we can't braid it or put ponytails or anything in it.

Riley ended the day by saying "I love my short hair!  I love my short hair!  I don't ever want it to get long again!"

Guess it's very possible this may not be the last time she cuts it :)


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