Sweet Girls

The girls and I took my friend Erica dinner today since she just had her first baby three weeks ago.  We were greeted by two friendly dogs.  They played really well with the girls and Riley and Julia couldn't have been happier!  Riley was talking to them the whole time and following them around.  Julia giggled so hard when they licked her face.  She also loved hugging them.

A few minutes into being there, I'd already had to remove several things off the coffee table.  Julia found a back corner where the dog door was.  Gave me the mischievious look.  Then immediately started to put her arm through the door followed by her head.  I said "Julia!"  and she quickly sat back up, looking pensive.  She did it several times.

Then she went over to the portable fan.  She loved the breeze and giggled and leaned her head back to enjoy the breeze.

The next item was the dog bed - comfy and soft, she spent a little time sitting in it.

Julia also took a remote off the table and then set it into the baby swing.  She began pushing the swing side to side as she sang very sweetly "Happy BihDay Do You... Happy Bihday Do you."  She did this for several minutes.  Was super cute and very gentle.

I held Harper (Erica's baby) for a while.  Had forgotten how tiny they are!  Julia kept grunting at her.  So I asked her if she wanted to see the baby.  I bent down and told her to be gentle.  Julia leaned her head to the baby and said "Mah!" (her kissing sound)  She kissed her several times and one time even put her hand on Harper's forehead while kissing.  Precious.

After being sweet, Julia went into the kitchen where she found plastic food and began throwing them all around the floor.  She then got interested in a Couscous box and loved the shaking sound.

Riley really loved being with the dogs.  And later asked us for a cat at dinner.  "I want a cat.  A cat.  I love cats."  In the car on the way home from Gpa and Gma's house, she said "I really need a cat because I love them.  I want to name her Sophie.  Because Sophie is so beautiful. And I will love her."  Maybe a dog one day...  probably sooner than I think.


  1. "I really need a cat because I love them. I want to name her Sophie. Because Sophie is so beautiful.And i will love her."



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