A New Dad and Little Sister Too

Earlier this morning, Riley told us at breakfast that she wanted a new mom.  After church today, she told us that she also wants a new little sister too.  She wants a new little sister who doesn't scream.

So Jeremy says "Would you rather have a cute sister that screams or an ugly sister that is quiet?"

Riley says "I want a cute sister that doesn't scream."

I ask "Do you want a new dad too?"

Riley says "Yes, I want a new dad too.  A new Dad that will carry me to the car."  (this is because Jeremy had his hands full after church and I was carrying Jules so neither of us could carry her from the church building to the car)


  1. Gee, Riley's sure got it tough. Sounds like she needs a whole new family LOL! Where does she come up with this stuff?!


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