Having taken the two girls to many check-ups before, I decided to take Riley be herself for her four year old check-up.  Julia's first check-up resulted in her peeing all over the scale, Riley spilling crackers all over the floor and Julia crying almost the entire visit.  As well as Riley needing to do a pit stop at the bathroom.

Other visits included taking both girls to my dentist appointment when Julia was only a few months old.  Still have no idea how I pulled off that one.  Only by the grace of God!  Julia went to Kami's house and she and I headed out this morning for our "girl's day out" (as I called it to make it sound more fun).

The last few days we have talked to her about how she'll be getting shots and what they would be like.  We told her that they would hurt at first, but that they would feel better soon.  She practiced taking care of her animal friends at home with her dr. kit and other tools she found around the house.  She even recited what we had share with her about how it would hurt and practiced giving them shots and she would make them say "ow!"

So here was the big day.  She was awesome in the waiting room.  We read a few books together before being called in.  The nurse told her that she'd play a few games with her.  Riley loved the idea of that.  She did not care for having her blood pressure taken.  Her last check up at age 3, she actually pulled it off and began crying because it was squeezing too tight.  This time, she kept getting anxious when it beeped and the reading got all screwy.  So they just took it off.

Riley had perfect eyesight, great balance (as demonstrated by hopping on one leg and then the other leg), great weight and height.  Perfectly healthy in every way!  The doc talked with her and she told him stories.  He said he normally hears problems with the "th" and "l" sounds at her age, but he didn't hear anything with her speech at all.  Said he was very impressed with her speech.  And then gave her the five-year old exam for balance and coordination.  She did fabulous.

She was a complete trooper for her shots.  Cried for a little bit, but was able to get two lollipops and two stickers which made everything all better.


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