Falling Asleep

It was my night tonight to put Riley to bed.  She was having a hard time getting comfortable.  Lots of stuffed animals moving around and moving pillows and just moving everywhere.  Finally she had a few friends (stuffed animals) by her - one under her head - and she asked me pray.  So I asked what I should pray for.  Her response was "My horse Goldie.  And my second horse - sdfuiodsufiso (a made up name that I still have no idea what it was)."  So I prayed for her horse.

She lifts her blanket up over her head.  Then peeked out at me a few minutes later and says "Mom, I love you."  And I told her I loved her too.
Was very sweet.

Then she says "If you have to tell me something, you can say "Riley, I love you."  And if I have something to tell you, I will wift da blanket and peek out and say "Mom, I have to go potty."  I just said "Ok."  Not five seconds later, she lifts the blanket and says "Mom, I have to go potty."  I had to ask her "Are you just saying that to say it or do you really have to go?"  She actually had to go.

So off we went and back we came.  She wiggled and wiggled and wiggled and wiggled.  And finally drifted off to sleep looking like a sweet angel.


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