Riley had one of her closest friends over today.  They've been giggling, talking and playing on their iPads in her room.  It's times like these that make me thankful the walls in our home are so thin :)
I knocked on her door and then entered to tell her friend that her sister was on her way.  Riley was pulling her screen low so I knew that she was listening/watching something she didn't want me to see.   I gave her the 'mom look' and asked her to show it to me.  She pulled it away, but I caught the picture of a mom and her daughter.  She finally showed it to me and the title was '8 parenting fails you should not do.'  She then gave me the 'tween look' and smiled/smirked.  Oh boy... I walked out of the room.  Not sure what she's hoping to learn about being a parent but I'm pretty sure she's thinking I've failed something and she's trying to figure out how to tell me.


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