Bunk Beds

The girls have decided that they want to share a bedroom.  And that they need bunkbeds.  They conspired together to draw up an outline of the set-up of the room.  Julia said she would be the thinker and Riley could be the draw-er.  They had an art wall, combined clothing closet, and planned to use the spare bedroom closet for all their games and toys.

To prove to us that they can sleep in the same room and to show us how much they want this, they decided to pull out Julia's trundle bed and sleep in her room every night this week.  They also shared with us that they are pooling their allowance money together to buy the bunkbeds themselves.  Can't tell yet if these are threats towards us or collaboration between them.  Or both.

Their current rooms are linked together with a full bathroom (Jack and Jill set up).  Julia likes a nightlight and sound machine on each night.  Riley likes her changing color iHome station.  Julia likes the fan on high and Riley prefers it to be on medium.  Julia wakes up around 7:00am and Riley likes to sleep in past 10:00am.  Three nights in and they've reached some good compromises that have made it work.  The sweetest part has been that they talk to each other for a short time before falling asleep and truly enjoy being together.

The first night was the hardest.  We said read books, prayed and said goodnight.  Julia was cold so she asked Riley if she could snuggle next to her on the trundle twin size mattress.  The two of them were packed like sardines together and could not get to sleep.  Jeremy and I were watching our new favorite show 'Scandal' and had assumed they were sleeping as all was quiet.  An intimate scene between a couple on the show began and towards the middle of it, we heard sounds near the gate to the hallway.  Bug-eyed and staring at the tv were our precious girls who had never seen anything like that.  Riley whispered "Oh wow."  Julia said nothing.  Jeremy and I were wide-eyed as well.  They had come to ask if I would serve them breakfast in bed in the morning.  I told them I would.  They went back to bed and we heard a little giggling.

When the show ended around 11:15pm, I went back to our room and saw that there was a light on in the bedroom coming from Riley's iPad.  They were laying side by side watching Liv and Maddie and hadn't yet fallen asleep.  I took the iPad away and the girls laid down once again to sleep.  Riley looked particularly tired in the morning, but they insisted that they had slept well.

The second night a compromise was made that Julia had to sleep in her own bed and Riley would sleep on the trundle.  Last night Julia came into bed with me in the middle of the night and tonight Riley wants to sleep in her own room.  The bunkbed conspiracy may be coming to an end.


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