There's more in the Bible than you could ever know

Having believed in Jesus and read/studied the Bible thoroughly, I'm always amazed to see what can still be found.  We recently bought Riley the Kidz Adventure Bible.  She needed a new one that was more age appropriate.  This one took her to a whole new level.

We started at Genesis 1 with the plan of reading through the first book.  I didn't remember there being too much in there that would have to be explained.  Yes, Noah gets drunk and sleeps with his daughter.  And there's plenty of sin in Sodom and Gomorrah.  And other things.  But couldn't think of anything too risky that would have to be explained.

Our first night reading Genesis 1 resulted in Riley asking questions.
Riley:  Was there anything before God?  They didn't explain about dinosaurs.  How did He know what to call things?

The more we read, the more amazed she was.
Riley:  I don't remember this before!  It's like I'm finally getting to the good stuff!

I love her excitement for learning about God and life in general.  We've continued to have great discussions.  Though a few lately have been left with us telling her few details and letting her know we'll go into more discussion as she grows.  The first one being when the Bible describes a woman being raped.  Riley didn't know what that word meant.  As it was late at night, I didn't want to scare her so I explained that it's when (in this case) a man did something to a woman's body that she didn't want him to do.  That was enough for her and while she told us she wanted to know what it was, it would have brought an entirely adult conversation about sex and other things that are just too much right now.

The other conversations occurred in Genesis when Jacob offers his daughters to the men... when there's another rape around chapter 37 or so.  We've chosen to stop at chapter 38 and move onto the book of Matthew.  We're not afraid to talk with our girls about topics of importance.  However, you do have to be wise in the timing.

There's definitely more in the Bible than I remember!  Guess I don't study those books as often.


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