Since moving into our home last year in July, our room above our garage has been our holding place. It holds all the stuff we weren't sure what to do with.  We wanted to keep it or didn't have time to completely finish weeding out 3,200 sq ft of things into our 2,300 sq ft home or they had sentimental value, but absolutely no use in everyday life.

The girls ventured upstairs with me to see if we had anything that would work for an elf costume for Riley's performance tomorrow.  No such luck.  However, they did find tons of treasures.  I came downstairs to do some laundry and talk with Jeremy.  When I called them down for dinner, I watched as Riley brought down a doll stroller with tons of stuff and a large basket full of other stuffed animals and toys.  Julia brought a bag full of things as well as a few more stuffed animals.  I told them to keep them upstairs;  after all, they could still play with them upstairs anytime.  The girls decided to continue to sneak it into their rooms.

Me:  I'm not pleased that you're not listening to my directions.

Julia:  (dragging the stroller as fast as she can into her room) Mom, I can't resist it!

Riley:  Mom, you'll love all the things we found.

Me:  Yes... I'll love them all back upstairs!

Julia:  But how can you resist this?  Look - I found a B-A-R-B-I-E spacing B-A.... immmm

Me:  B-A-B-Y?

Julia:  Yes!  How do you resist that?

Later she comes from her room holding a pink stuffed animal bunny:

Julia:  Do you know why I said I couldn't resist anything?  It's because of this cute little bunny.  (kisses it)  It's such a cute little bunny.  I'm going to sleep with it tonight.


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