Thanksgiving 2015

There is much to be thankful for this year.  A random list in no particular order:

1) that God is in control of our lives
2) that God knows all that we will go through and has gone before us
3) that God is here with us despite the chaos, craziness and tragic wars around us
4) our family of four is strong, healthy and ... Riley just hit Julia on the arm so Julia bit Riley on the hand... so as I was saying... we're fighters apparently
5) our home is small, special, and just what we need
6) we have money in the bank, coins in jars, and credit cards paid off... couldn't always say this
7) we are debt free (not including cars and mortgage) for the first time in at least four years
8) Jeremy and I have jobs that are blessings and we both love what we are doing
9) GSES is the biggest blessing of an education, community and school for our daughters and our family
10) we continue to attend a new church that is likely our new church home: it's warm, welcoming and has godly biblical teaching as well as a wonderful children's ministry that our girls love
11) our parents are in great health
12) our parents are all still here on earth to celebrate every day with us even when we're not together
13) we have warm beds, clean sheets and a washer/dryer that work
14) we have A/C and heat
15) we have huge trees and a beautiful neighborhood to take walks in
16) we have a Christmas tree from my parents so we don't have to buy one this year
17) Jeremy's sister Kathryn is pregnant and we'll have a new niece or nephew next year sometime
18) I am blessed to go to SMU for grad school to learn and grow as a teacher/person
19) we have food that we like to eat and can make it ourselves
20) we have much so that we can give much


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