It's beginning... look like Christmas at the Grant house.  My parents gave us their Christmas tree to set up this year as we got rid of ours last year and being 9' tall, it wouldn't have fit in our new home anyway.  The girls, my mom and I set up the tree and decorated it.  Then we went to Joann Fabrics to get a few odds and ends.  (Ended up getting some really fun projects for them to do this week while we're home - today: wooden peg dolls and tomorrow: painting a box house, decorating with stencils and playing with our wooden people.)

It is SO much easier to decorate a smaller home and it looks so much more cozy and full of Christmas than our former home ever did.  I absolutely love it!  Our fireplace doesn't have a mantel so the girls' stockings are hung on their doors and are just so cute.  


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