Campouts, Reunion and AOSA Conference

The past few weeks have been full of traveling, new experiences and time together.  An outline probably best describes it:

Nov. 6-8: Had my first GSES Music Sharing for grades 5-7 in the morning and then taught 8th grade.  Flew to Atlanta, GA where my college roommate Rana and her husband Ryan picked me up to travel to Cleveland, TN for the Ladies of Lee 50th Anniversary.  It was wonderful to reconnect with college friends, sing with the alumni and current choir and to be back on campus for the first time since graduating in December 2000.

Nov. 10-14:  Flew to San Diego, CA for the National AOSA Conference.  Took a morning before the conference began to spend time walking the streets and ocean front of La Jolla.  Conference was incredible - tons of new ideas, reconnected with AOSA friends and mentors and learned so much.

Nov. 13-15:  Jeremy and Julia traveled to Oklahoma for the Indian Princess Kindergarten Campout.  Julia got to ride a horse up a mountain and back down, shot a 22 rifle (yup - five rounds and has the shells to prove it), sat by the campfire at night, had pillow fights with the girls and lots of fun with her Daddy.

Nov. 20-22:  Jeremy and Riley traveled to East Texas for the Warrior/Adventure Princess Third Grade Campout.  She jumped on a massive trampoline that's built into the ground, spent time around the campfire, shot a real bow and arrow and spend time with her Daddy.


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