Where to Begin

I'm having a very hard time keeping up with the humorous moments of our girls and actually blogging about them.  One recent car ride produced this conversation:

Riley: I told you you don't know everything.

Julia: (putting her hand on her hip) But I know everything else.

On the car ride home, Riley decided to share her future career with us.  She has the best of intentions in her desire to help rid the world of terrible substances.  I love her heart.

Riley: When I grow up, I want to be a drug dealer. Then I can sell drugs to people without nicotine so that people will stop having the drugs with nicotine and stop.  Or I could be president and make it so no one can do drugs or they will go to jail.

There have been other sweet conversations as well.  One with Julia happened during bedtime.

Julia:  Did you know that Jesus is taller than Dad?

Me:  How do you know?

Julia: Jesus is older!  I think he's twelve fifty-eight. And his back side is yellow.

Me:  How do you know?

Julia:  hmmm - I just know!

Later that night I prayed and Julia interrupted me.

Julia:  Why'd you say thank you to Jesus for dying on the cross?

Me:  Because He died for us so we could be forgiven.

Julia:  I want to die so I can be with Jesus and Grandpa Mo.  I miss Grandpa Mo.  I feel him in my heart.  With Jesus.  Just Jesus and Grandpa Mo in my heart.


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