Tennessee Funeral

The memorial service for my Grandpa and Dosh is today.  My parents and Dad's family are in Tennessee remembering them and spending time with family.  My mom called this morning to share some stories (aka: funny Tennessee relative stories).  We love y'all... :)

1.  My Grandpa wore a toupee for years.  He actually had four of them and each one was styled just a little different.  There was one that was new and so they asked my Dad to put it on.  Which he did. The picture says it all... (Will have to download it later)

2.  There was much confusion as to the time of the memorial service.  Dosh's two daughters had posted information about the service.  One listed the time being from 1pm-3pm and the other listed the time as 2pm - 4pm.  My dad called one of them to clarify when they needed to be there and what time everything would be happening.  She told him the service was from 2-4pm.  He asked why the other daughter had posted that it was from 1-3pm.  She said that it's because the time zone changes in the area of town where the other daughter lives.  So she wrote down her time zone time so that her friends would know what time to be there on their time even though it's not in their time zone.  Confused the family, but hopefully helped the friends.

3.  For years Dosh has talked about her relative Dale.  Both my Dad and Dale are giving eulogies at the service.  However, when they looked at the program it listed Del.  My parents were like "Who is Del?  I thought Dale was giving it?"  Turns out that his name is Del and pronounced Del.  But with the southern drawl, they end up saying that his name is Dale.


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