LISD Elementary Art Show

Riley's "Longhorn Skull" piece was chosen to be displayed at the LISD Elementary Art Show at the MCL Theater in Lewisville.  She did a beautiful job on it.

When she brought the letter home, I asked if she had anything she wanted to show me.  She told me she just had a stupid paper.  I asked her what it was about.  She explained that it was dumb and not a big deal at all.  That her artwork was going on a wall.

She was confused and was thinking that her artwork was going to be put up on one of our school walls like Ms. Martin does all the time.  Riley said it wasn't anything special.

I explained more about the Art Show and what an honor it was to be chosen as one of the displays. She perked up the more that I explained and was thrilled to have her artwork shown.

We went to the Opening Night of the Art Show.  It was amazing to see all that the students create throughout their art classes in the district.  We're so incredibly proud of our girl and her amazing giftedness in the arts.


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