September Happened

Somehow September happened.  And apparently blogging did not!

The girls are back into the swing of school.  Riley is loving second grade.  She has Mrs. Ward whom Riley says is the best teacher ever.  She is truly amazing.  Riley has been so fortunate to have had such great teachers.

Riley started dance classes - hip hop and ballet.  She isn't too sure of them and is making friends slowly.  They don't get to talk like they did in gymnastics so it's harder to meet them, but Riley's enjoying it more each week.  Her favorite is hip hop.

Julia also started dance classes - tap and ballet.  She is incredibly blessed with Ms. Asila who is the most fantastic teacher Julia has had yet (besides Miss Nicole whom we love too!).  Julia is learning so much and going to school in the mornings has been much easier.  She still has friend issues with Rodriguez and Hernandez.  They are great friends for the most part but they also seem to be somewhat catty - Julia included.

Often Julia will tell on something that a friend did and if we ask her what she did, she says "I don't remember."  But then she's able to recall it and it's generally something like "I hit her" or "I was not nice."  So there you have it.

The best part of her day is being with her boyfriend Ian.  Julia talks about her 'boyfriend' all the time. She said that Ethan is Rodriguez' boyfriend, Evan is Hernandez' boyfriend and Ian is her boyfriend.  I asked her what that meant and she said "We hold hands at recess and when I am grown up, I will marry him."

Riley then shared that she has a crush on someone.  That means she loves this person a lot.  And it's her friend Chris.  He's a sweet, sweet boy.  I don't know Ian, but hopefully he treats Julia well also.  Scared for the teenage years!

The past week Julia had a high fever for a few days of 102.5 - 103 and then when she started to get better, Riley got sick with a stomach bug.  I got the call at work that Julia was sick last Thursday.  Today is Tuesday and I haven't been back to work yet.  Going tomorrow and looking forward to teaching.  Though snuggle time and loving on the girls is always sweet.  Even when you're holding hair back so they don't throw up on it.


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