Candlelight Dinner

Jeremy was cooking and I was practicing a new piano piece by Chad Lawson (LOVE his piano music!!!!!).  The girls went to the table and decided to make a special family dinner for us.  They set the table with napkins and silverware.  Then took the candles over so we could have a special family candlelight dinner.  It turned out to be so precious.

We had lots of laughs and good conversation.  We played Chad Lawson music using Pandora to have a calm ambience.  Made it so special.

At the end of the night, the girls were able to blow out three candles each.  Julia gave us such great belly laughs when she tried blowing out the candles.  She worked so hard to shape her mouth right so she could blow it out.  Then she got hiccups and made funny sounds as she tried to blow the candles out.

She would practice blowing into Jeremy's palm so he could feel if she was blowing strong enough.  We all had such a great time.

We've decided as a family that Friday Nights will officially be a candlelight dinner each week.  Can't wait to start this fun tradition!


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