2011 Recap

We received several cards this year where people gave recaps of what happened in their lives this year.  So here's my attempt:

January - Don't remember... oh - big snow storm and got to stay inside our home due to all the ice for four days.  No school.  Totally awesome way to start the year!

February - Did February happen?  Don't remember anything about it.

March - Julia's first birthday, Jeremy got even older (36).

April - Assuming it rained?!  Why can I not remember anything???

May - Riley's fourth birthday!  Celebrated with friends and family at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.  Madi and Monica came from the Philippines to get her settled at our house.

June - Monica went back to the Philippines and Madi began her stay with us.  Started her blog:  raisingagirlgodsway.blogspot.com.  Probably have more info on that site than I do on this one as to what we did this year.

July:  VBS, Camp, staying home with the girls.  Hottest summer!!!!!

August:  Julia and Riley start their first year at Lakeside Montessori Academy.  Just awesome!  Madi starts fourth grade at Ethridge.  I start my eleventh year of teaching.  Jeremy just keeps working and working and working.

September:  I go on happy pills and the world is a much better place to live in.  At least, for me.  Though I'm sure others are just as thankful for the difference it has made.

October:  Halloween fun with Cleopatra, Alice in Wonderland and a Cowgirl that can really rock pink boots.

November:  Thanksgiving, tons of programs, and still fairly warm weather.

December:  An amazing Christmas, choir sings at the Texas Legends Game, Willow Bend Mall, Colony Community Center;  record the all-school recording;  Julia seems to grow by leaps and bounds in her talking.  Especially the words/phrases "no" - "I don't know" - "I don't want it" - "I want Eggos!"  "I want cereal!"  "Pease (please)"  "Book!  Book!"  "Bahpah!  Bahpah! (Grandpa)"


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