2012 New Year's Resolutions

My ten goals for this year:

1.  Make it a priority to spend 20 minutes in prayer by myself one night a week.

2.  Go on one date night each month with Jeremy.

3.  Go on a vacation to Bermuda for seven days!  (cheating a little...)

4.  Learn another new skill...  no idea what this will be, but looking forward to whatever it is!

5.  Workout three days a week if even for just ten minutes to increase my energy.

6.  Run a 5K race.

7.  Find at least two positive things about my day before talking about anything negative that happened.

8.  Pay off our loan from our a/c unit, duct work, and new fence.

9.  Join or lead a women's bible study at church.

10.  Spend less time cleaning and more time playing!


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