Manarch Butterfly

You're probably thinking I didn't spell Monarch correctly in the title.  Or maybe you didn't even notice.  I actually did it on purpose as it is now a new word in our house.  For today I learned from Riley that there is a such thing as a Manarch butterfly.  We read the book "The Butterfly's Treasure" and talked about the Monarch butterfly that appeared throughout the book.  On the last page is a picture of the author.  The conversation went like this:

Riley:  What is that?

Me:  He is the author who wrote the story.

Riley:  Yeah, he is a man.

Me:  Right.

Riley:  Yes - a "man"-arch butterfly.   Wow cool.  First the man was a butterfly in the story and now he's a man butterfly.  Great story.  I loved that one.

And off she went to cut with her new scissors.  Guess I'll explain the difference to her later.


  1. Haha!! I love her! And I'm excited to be your first follower. Keep it up!


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