2011 Resolutions

Stumped.  This is how I'm beginning my new year.  Normally I have in mind several things I want to do or change about the coming year.  Some years I've challenged myself to run half marathons.  Some years I have vowed to travel more.  Some years I've planned to be more spontaneous.  My husband says I'm the most planned spontaneous person he's ever met.  Meaning that I want to be spontaneous, but I have to plan on when I'm going to be spontaneous.  Which means I'm just not.

This past year is the first year I didn't set goals.  Meant too and even set time aside, but then we had our second child and life became busy.  But this year I really want to set some priorities straight and see what can be accomplished.  So here are the ten I've decided to go for:

1 -  Pray more.  Not just small prayers or nightly prayers with Jeremy or the girls or at mealtimes.  But more alone time with God just seeking His will for my life and thanking Him for who He is and all He has and will do.

2 - Take at least one vacation.  This one is cheating a little as I already know we'll go somewhere as we have two free plane tickets, BUT it means actually using them. 

3 - Be more wise with what we have.  Use our money more wisely.  Use my time more efficiently.  Use my recreation time as recreation - not extra work time.

4 -  Try one new recipe a month.

5 -  Dive in.  (something I desire to do - unable to be shared at the moment)

6 - Build back up to running 3 miles.  I sooo very much miss running as it used to be something I loved to do in my spare time.  Gave me more energy and I just felt good.  Ran great after having Riley, but have not yet found time with two kids to squeeze it all in.  Hoping to do it by the end of next year as I'll have to start at ground zero (ugh!!). 

7 -  Choose at least one day a week to not check Facebook.  This is totally ridiculous to put on here, but needs to be done. 

8 - Go on a date night with Jeremy once a month.  Again - with two kids, we hardly went out and spent time together.  Definitely a priority that needs to be made. 

9 -  Develop WeeCrochet even more.  WeeCrochet is a business that my sis-in-law, mother-in-law and I do.  We make custom items such as cowls, hats, baby sets, dishcloths, etc...  great way for us to hang out together and fun to do too!!

10 - Learn a new skill.  Not sure what that will be yet.  Last year it was crocheting.  In previous years, it was learning guitar.  Always fun to see what new skill will be added.  Maybe speaking in Italian for our trip to Italy - right, Jeremy?  I hear Italy calling our name.... 


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