Waiting in Line

Riley:  I'm not hungry...

She says this with some dinner left.

Jeremy:  What'd you have for lunch?  (As she sometimes doesn't eat much)

Riley:  My sandwich...and pumpkin pie.

Me:  Did you stand in the lunch line?  (As we hadn't put pumpkin pie in her lunch)

Riley:  No I didn't stand in a line.

Me:  Did you stand in the lunch line to get the pie?

Riley:  No I didn't stand in line.  There wasn't a line.

Me:  But you got the pie...

Riley:  yeah but not in a line

Jeremy:  Did somebody else go through the line for you?

Riley:  No!  That'd be mean.  Because then their family would have to pay for my pie.

Me:  So you got it..

Riley:  Yeah... But there wasn't technically a line.  Like here's me and here's a line and I just walked right by to get the pie so I didn't have to wait in the line.

Jeremy:  just so you know... It's called a line even if it there isn't a line.

Riley:  but there wasn't a line...


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