Empty boxes and toilet paper tubes

I went through Julia's backpack to find her piano book.  She played the song 'Tucker's Secret Life' for her music class.  When I opened her bag, there was a large Honest Kids juice drink box - empty - as well as two toilet paper tubes.

I asked Julia what the empty juice box container was for.

She replied "They're for Riley's project!"

Riley was thrilled to have a cardboard box she can now craft with.  She often crafts with random objects and loves cardboard in particular.

Then I found two empty toilet paper tubes.  Julia told us that she got them at Capers, the after school care.  I asked her if other students collected the empty boxes and one other girl took some home.  Julia said it was both of their ideas.  I do love that Julia thought of Riley and her love for cardboard.

A few weeks ago Riley's backpack was filled with random papers in an old tissue paper box.  Turns out she went to different classrooms and collected things from the trash cans that she could craft with...I'm somewhat nervous that I'm contributing to this as I don't like to hold onto things and prefer to throw things away.  Also nervous they could become hoarders so trying to allow them play time with random items while not letting them pile up too much.


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