Not a Good Day

October 8th was not the best day.  In fact it was a great day until 5:30pm.  So it just wasn't a good night.

The girls and I went to look for new pjs for them at the Galleria mall before coming home.  Both Jeremy and I drove to the house at the same time.  Upon walking in, we spent some time in our kitchen where all looked as normal.

After several minutes, Riley told us she was going to go play on the computer.  She walked into the front living room and called out "Dad, your computer is gone!"  We couldn't quite hear her well and so he replied, "What do you mean it's not on?"  Riley called out louder, "No, Dad - it's not here!  It's gone!  Where did you put it?"  At this point, we were completely confused and Jeremy went into the front room where he stared at a completely empty desk.

He was silent and stunned for what seemed like minutes, but was likely seconds.  He then looked around and said, "We've been robbed."  It took us seconds to see what we hadn't seen just before.  Every drawer was slightly open, furniture had been moved to access drawers, the door to upstairs was open.  And of course, the computer and all the cords were missing as well.

We walked into our bedroom to find every drawer open in the bathroom and make-up mirror/desk area as well as drawers in our dressers.  My jewelry drawers were open and had obviously been gone through.  Nothing was touched in the girls rooms and no drawers open.

Several things were stolen - electronics, cash box, Riley's iPad, cords, jewelry from both my Grandma Mo and Grandma Dale.  It was an awful, awful feeling to know that someone had walked our entire home and taken things when we were not there.  Violating and just not right.

Through this experience, we learned a lot of things as the method of entry was easier than it should have been.  Despite our back door to the backyard being all glass, there was no sign of entry due to the fact that we overlooked the door being unlocked.  We always check the doors before we leave and have not only dead bolts, but other precautionary locks as well.  Somehow we missed this one on this day and it cost us.  Though the police officer said that we simply saved ourselves from needing to replace the door as they would have broken the glass to get in as they had made it this far already.

Our home is now safer and more secure.  And we are less naive.  The police officer came out to our home, took notes and talked with us for a bit.  It seems so surreal.

The girls were quite scared the first night and we slept with them - Jules with me and Riley with Jeremy.  They're still nervous at times and I don't blame them.  It's an unsafe feeling.  Thankful that Riley was able to talk with our chaplain at school and what a blessing she was.  (I'll post what was shared in the next post as I emailed it to Jeremy so I'd remember that day)


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