GSES Carnival

This year's GSES Carnival was truly unbelievable.  Ferris Wheel, Walking inside of a ball, tons of bounce houses, food trucks, tons of games for little ones, a petting farm and just a great time.  We invited the Hosford family out to enjoy the afternoon and then we all went out to Franki's Pizza and Pasta.

Chris and Riley went around to do tons of different things like the zip line and the bounce houses and roll in the ball.  Julia enjoyed jumping on the trampolines.  Our final ride was on the ferris wheel.  It looked bit but not huge... until we were on it.  Julia and I went together for the final ride of the night.  She was fine until we got to the top.  She held on so tight and I just told her to breathe.  Though it was scary for me too (I'm becoming a real wimp for these kinds of things the older I get.)  Chris and Riley had a blast.  Julia had no tears, but was a little scared.  So proud of her for doing it!

At Franki's we ate and laughed and laughed and talked.  It was a blast to spend time with all of them.  Can't wait until next year to do it again!


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